Scotty ATL & Various Artists – Cool Club Millionaires

1.Scotty ATL, Jay Dot Rain & Starlito – La La La
2.Scotty ATL & Jake Lambo – For The Lowski
3.Kissie Lee & Jay Dot Rain – Wave Workin / L.L Eddie Aikau
4.Scotty ATL, Jay Dot Rain, Kissie Lee & Jake Lambo – 45
5.Scotty ATL – Crash My Party
6.Jake Lambo – Freestyle
7.Scotty ATL & Kissie Lee – FTGU
8.Kissie Lee, Scotty ATL & Joe Dent – Trap Say Amen
9.Scotty ATL – Thinking Bout M's
10.Jay Dot Rain, Scotty ATL, Kissie Lee, JayeLL, Badass PI & Jake Lambo – Good Fell
11.Scotty ATL & Jay Dot Rain – Many Faces
12.Scotty ATL – Life Of The Party

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